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We try to post when we're less busy, which is not very often nowadays.


We're Smith Robinson Multimedia; for 15 years we've been crafting award-winning video, motion graphics, explainers and documentaries for brands like The New York Times, Cartoon Network and Scientific American.

Our small team cuts out the bloat of traditional agencies to deliver under budget and ahead of schedule. Excellent video, less bullsh*t.

Founders Dominic Smith and Andy Robinson each have over a decade working in the industry. Together they’ve crossed two continents on bicycles, Norway on roller skis, and the arctic circle by ship; all while carrying a small production’s worth of gear on their backs. Leading a close-knit team of talented producers, animators and storytellers, their flexible, efficient approach leverages their broad skills and experience to produce incredible media with a minimal footprint.

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Honors &

Some of our work:

Who Get's A Ventilator?

Client: NYT

Drawn To

Client: Cartoon Network

Our Snapchat Work Reel

Client: Snapchat


Client: Scientific American

GORUCK - The Ballistic Breakdown (It's Science)

Client: Goruck


Client: PBS Nova / STAT

What is CRISPR?

Client: STAT


Client: STAT


Client: GORUCK

The Musical Brain of Ben Folds

Client: STAT

JWT Manifesto

Client: J Walter Thompson

Rise Up

Client: The Atlanta Falcons

Rollerski Norway?

Client: AFF

Covid Tests are Complicated

Client: STAT News

Endless Coast

Client: Red Bull / Lacroix Board Co

The Isle of man TT

Client: STAT

CRISPR Explained by the Inventor

Client: STAT

The Longest Downhill

Client: Everyday Adventurers

Why Do Some Health Care Workers Live in Poverty?

Client: NYT Opinion

Faces of Selection

Client: GORUCK

Travel, Train, Ruck

Client: Goruck


Client: GORUCK


Client: Youtube Red

What We Do


Video Production

20 years of combined experience at all levels of production - from conception to completion.

We've ran hundreds of productions and know how to achieve the best results in the most efficient way - from far flung mountains to the urban jungle, we execute professional productions under any conditions and with a minimal footprint.

Motion Graphics

Explainers, 2D, 3D, Simulations, you name it...

Versatile and highly skilled with decades of experience in the visual effects industry means that we bring a level of understanding and consistency to a project not possible with creators who stay in one lane.

Documentary / Journalism

We know how to cut through the noise and tell an authentic story

We've racked up quite a few awards for our work in journalism and documentaries. If you need to document a 4000 year old tribe in the Congo that’s inaccessible by car? We can shoot that. If you need to show how that tribe migrated across a continent- we can animate that.


Interactive video, trade show features, fun websites (like this)

Pirate ships, Zombie apocalypses, ninja academies; your uncle's stupid website idea; we’ve created them. Conjuring badass multimedia is our forte, and we aren't afraid to get our hands dirty.

“Everyone is over the moon happy - you made it easy. No notes, other than to say wow, Incredible, so sick. ”
- Cartoon Network
Extremely creative makers and diligent journalists
- The New York Times
"I can unequivocally say that they are some of the most multi-talented journalists I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with - technical wizards by nature."
- Scientific American
Let's create something awesome together! -
Let's create something awesome together! -

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