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We try to post when we're less busy, which is not very often nowadays.


For 15 years we've been crafting Emmy award-winning long and short form video focusing on science and the outdoors.

We're a close-knit team of artists and storytellers, leveraging a broad set of skills to produce incredible media with a minimal footprint; cutting the bloat of traditional agencies to deliver excellent video, with less bullsh*t.

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Honors &

Some of our work:


Client: Scientific American // Production, Reporting, Music

Client: Scientific American // VFX, Production, Writing, Music

GORUCK - The Ballistic Breakdown (It's Science)

Client: Goruck


Client: PBS Nova / STAT

What is CRISPR?

Client: STAT


Client: STAT


Client: GORUCK

Catalytic Converter Theft

Client: Scientific American

The Musical Brain of Ben Folds

Client: STAT

Who Get's A Ventilator?

Client: NYT // VFX, Production, Music

Drawn To

Client: Cartoon Network // VFX, Production, Writing, Music

Our Snapchat Work Reel

Client: Snapchat


Client: Scientific American

"Here's Where"

Client: Jewett Construction

JWT Manifesto

Client: J Walter Thompson

Rise Up

Client: The Atlanta Falcons

Covid Tests are Complicated

Client: STAT News

Why Do Some Health Care Workers Live in Poverty?

Client: NYT Opinion


Client: GORUCK

Endless Coast

Client: Red Bull / Lacroix Board Co

The Longest Downhill

Client: Everyday Adventurers

What We Do


Video Production

20 years of combined experience at all levels of production - from conception to completion.

We've ran hundreds of productions and know how to achieve the best results in the most efficient way - from far flung mountains to the urban jungle, we execute professional productions under any conditions and with a minimal footprint.

Motion Graphics

Explainers, 2D, 3D, Simulations, you name it...

Versatile and highly skilled with decades of experience in the visual effects industry means that we bring a level of understanding and consistency to a project not possible with creators who stay in one lane.

Documentary / Journalism

We know how to cut through the noise and tell an authentic story

We've racked up quite a few awards for our work in journalism and documentaries. If you need to document a 4000 year old tribe in the Congo that’s inaccessible by car? We can shoot that. If you need to show how that tribe migrated across a continent- we can animate that.


Interactive video, trade show features, fun websites (like this)

Pirate ships, Zombie apocalypses, ninja academies; your uncle's stupid website idea; we’ve created them. Conjuring badass multimedia is our forte, and we aren't afraid to get our hands dirty.

“Everyone is over the moon happy - you made it easy. No notes, other than to say wow, Incredible, so sick. ”
- Cartoon Network
Extremely creative makers and diligent journalists
- The New York Times
"I can unequivocally say that they are some of the most multi-talented journalists I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with - technical wizards by nature."
- Scientific American
Let's create something awesome together! -
Let's create something awesome together! -

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