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The five-part podcast The Missiles on Our Rez explores the past, present, and future of nuclear missiles in the only native American tribe hosting nuclear weapons in the United States.

Reported and hosted by Ella Weber
Produced by Sebastien Philippe and Tulika Bose
Edited by Tulika Bose
Post-production design and mixing by Jeffery DelViscio
Advised by Todd Whitney

Episode 1:

Becoming Nuclear

Ella Weber, a Princeton student and enrolled member of the Madan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation discovers that there are nuclear missiles on her Tribe’s reservation.

Episode 2:

How the missiles got here

Ella unpacks the history of her tribe’s relationship with the US government to understand how nuclear missiles arrived on the Fort Berthold reservation.

Episode 3:

The Air Force’s New Nuclear Missile

Ella investigates US Air Force plans to deploy new missiles on the reservation for the next sixty years and what her community understands about the risks.

Episode 4:

Catastrophic Risks

Ella is confronted with the unspoken consequences of US nuclear weapon strategy and policy for her tribe and her family.

Episode 5:

What happens now?

Ella shares with her family and members of her Tribe what she has found and begins a conversation about the future of the missiles and the Tribe.